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How does Chisel work?

Chisel uses natural language processing (NLP) and named entity recognition (NER) to read documents and extract critical data from digital native documents in many file formats such as Word, PDF and Excel.

What is a Digital Native Document?

A digital native document is a word document or generated PDF (not scanned). Working with scanned documents reduces the accuracy and processing speed due to the use of Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR).

What can Chisel be used for?

Our insurance customers use Chisel to read their policy and report documents quickly and then extract specific policy-level data that they then use to make faster and better decisions, ultimately reducing costs and improving customer service.

How long would it take to implement a Chisel solution inside my company?

It depends on the use-case or more importantly the problem we’re trying to help you solve. Historically we have seen times in the 8-12 week range.

Where would I use the Chisel platform inside my business?

Whenever you have workers reading documents on a regular basis, Chisel can automate that process. If you have workers reading, highlighting specific content, pulling-out or hiding specific content, Chisel can automate that process.

Do you work with Brokers or Carriers or both?

We have built use-cases for both brokers and carriers and continue to build more all the time.

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